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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Harvest I and Fall Harvest II

10x12 Oil on linen   Fall Harvest I  

11x14 Oil on linen  Fall Harvest II 

 I set up this fun still life in my studio trying for a not so perfect set up, going for a loose feeling hopefully. My good artist friend Yvonne,  http://ryvonnecolclasurefineart.com/
joined me on the first day and I painted Fall Harvest I from one side of the room. The second day I changed the backdrop cloth for a bit lighter color and a little adjustment to the still life setup and painted with a couple of other artist friends, Susie,    http://artbysus.blogspot.com/ , and Amy who doesn't have a website that I know of.  It was fun to have the company and paint something different, again pushing myself to try new things and not get into a rut.

Hope your enjoying the fall season!


Susie Galvin said...

Wonderful!!! If I had my choice, I wouldn't know which to choose. Will try to post mine. Will also check out Yvonnes' too...

R Yvonne Colclasure said...

These turned out beautiful!! We will have to do another one. I really enjoyed the day. Thank you.

Michelle said...

I like the second one, the colors pop more for me with the lighter background, but I would think it would be the other way around. hmmmmvery nice! What ever happened to those pumpkin ones you did on the long board, love those!

Kathryn Grider said...

Thank you Susie and Yvonne! It is always a challenge to paint in someone elses studio space, my music, my dog & cat..... dadeda!
You are both always welcome to paint here if you can withstand the challenges!

Kathryn Grider said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you, I like the second painting better too! I still have the miniature pumpkin painting from 2006! I took it out, looked at the pumpkins and thought "it's time to try them again...only this time will be better!