"Paintings from a natural frame of mind"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ruby Mountain Spring

20x24 Oil  Palette Knife

A Palette Knife painting that I must say is my favorite to date! The photograph of this piece just doesn't do it justice. I must learn more about photographing the artwork for the web page.  This is a nice sized painting that will be framed in a beautiful gold frame to set off all the wonderful colors in this painting. I love the shadows of the clouds and then the sun sparks through to hit and it seems to just glow.  I painted this painting twice, I have one in a 10x12 Study and this large one. The two paintings are very close to the same with a few minor adjustments to color in the larger painting to read correctly. I like to paint small studies after my sketching process is done then on to the larger pieces, rarely do I sell the smaller study paintings as they are for my reference when it comes time to paint the larger paintings. 

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Roses

16x20 Oil on Linen
In a classy frame
Work in Progress
This was certainly a good time consuming painting for me. Roses are difficult to paint and White no less! I've been wanting to paint the blue glass vase for sometime now and with the white roses I thought they made the perfect pair. I feel the painting is a success despite my struggles that I won't elaborate on. Struggling is one of the best learning tools that I have, in my frustration I push myself harder to figure it out.

Thank you so much for your visit!  Snow is suppose to be on the way tomorrow finally! I've literally been depressed that we haven't had our share of it yet this year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bring It

12x16 oil
A sunny afternoon drive brought us face to face with this horse, he looked up from his afternoon grazing as if to say "Bring It" I laughed and immediately thought,  tough guy! 
On another note, I say this phrase to my pup all the time and she brings her toys in after carting them all outside for the day, she's very smart and so much fun!

Hope your all off to a great start for your New Year, it's been a rough start for me so far, dentist, twisted ankle, the cat knocked a full vase of flowers to the floor and the house needs cleaning desperately but today all of that is on hold, I'm happily painting the day away!

Thanks for stopping by,