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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plein Air Painting in the Tetons and Yellowstone

Grand Tetons in the early morning with a partly cloudy sky and cool breezes
Mt. Moran in the late afternoon
Me trying very hard to get the right colors mixed!
At the end of Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.
Just back from a wonderful trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone! We went up for the last weekend of the Fall Arts Festival in Jackson, so much fun and energy flowing there for the arts!  Camping and painting the gorgeous scenes all around us and of course lots of excitement with the wildlife too. Big Bull Moose staying in our campground so every morning was filled with taking photo's of them.  We take this trip often but this is my first time to get to paint En Plein Air in the Tetons and I must say it was intimidating looking up at the scene and knowing I had to get those shapes correct because they are the most photographed and painted mountains around. When I started my first painting of the Tetons it was early morning and cold...brrr, I was determined to give it a go anyway, I started my sketch, got it down, started painting, made a mess....wiped it off and started all over, the second try went better but I didn't have time to get the sky in because I was just shivering too much by then and ready for a HOT cup of coffee. In the late afternoon I was able to paint again, the gorgeous scene at Mt. Moran, this painting is my favorite of all of them that I did on the trip.  After four days in the Tetons we moved up to Yellowstone and spent another four blissful days there.

A very inspiring trip with 2,850 photo's taken, thank God for digital cameras!  Look for lots of art work to come featuring some of our greatest National Parks.

Have a great day!


Susie Galvin said...

WOW... The three posts look just great..You look so intent.. You are dedicated to painting.. Love your zest..My favorite is Lamar Valley.. Am anxious to see these in person and all the wonderful pictures you took..Glad you're home safe and sound, and you trip was a success...CU tomorrow???

R Yvonne Colclasure said...

OMG!! I am going to give up plein air altogether and just look at yours. Lamar Valley is gorgeous! I am anxious to view them in person. I am still in Moab. I don't think I am staying for the plein air event. After looking at your paintings, I don't think I have what it takes to be a successful plein air painter. You have got it down and very well I might add. I hope you realize how good you are.
I do want to get together and paint when I get home thouh. Maybe you can teach me something.

Kathryn Grider said...

Thanks Susie, if nothing else I am dedicated and love painting! I will bring these paintings today when I come to paint. Glad I'm home...sort of, I could go back to Wyo today though it's so wonderful!

Kathryn Grider said...

Hey Yvonne! I was wondering if you were home yet. Thank you for all your VERY KIND words. After going through some galleries up there I had decided I don't have what it takes, but I have to try anyway, just something in me won't let it go, especially the plein air painting. I love everything about it too much to give it up. I may not have the "gift" but I certainly have the "drive" to keep going. And you my friend are much better than you think!
We'll go out when you get back!

Kathryn Grider said...

P.S. to you BOTH, my husbands favorite is Lamar Valley also and I thought it was just because he had a good time that day too.

kgrider03 said...

beautiful!!! i love them all!! you are so talented....i too can't wait to see them in person. glad you had a good, safe trip!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to go back with you guys someday!!

Kathryn Grider said...

Thank you Katrina and Michelle both,
we had a great time, but we were wishing our family was with us! maybe another year we can all get together again for a fun camping trip.