"Paintings from a natural frame of mind"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White Onions

8x16 Oil on Linen

I am learning to enjoy doing Still Life paintings more and more. Now when I visit the grocery store I even shop a little differently.....shapes,colors, size....so much for sticking to the grocery list! When I bought these white onions I was thinking I wanted to paint them as just a tonal...black & white but after I began I couldn't hold back on the color. I kept looking at the pinks and greens in the white onions. I used a black cloth on the bottom but it seemed too cold so I used my artistic license as usual and made it up as I went along. One of these days I will paint exactly what is in front of me, not so much as that is my goal, but I do want to be ABLE to if I ever wanted to.


R Yvonne Colclasure said...

I like your onions. Looks like fun.

Kathryn Grider said...

Thank you Yvonne...they were fun!

Gary Keimig said...

I had to laugh at your comment on how your shopping is now affected by your artist eye.
This is a really nice painting.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Kathryn Grider said...

Thanks for your comment Gary...it does help make shopping seem a little bit more like fun than a chore.