"Paintings from a natural frame of mind"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Aspens

16x12 palette knife Oil

This painting is very loose with lots of paint. I had a plan for this painting but as usual when I pick up the palette knife the paintings seem to go in a whole different direction. I am happy with this painting even though it wasn't quite what I had planned on. I will probably paint this one again with the brushes to see what will happen.

Hope you enjoy the painting. Thank you for stopping by!


Susie Galvin said...

OMG... Kathryn, are the "pallet- knife Queen"... I like this painting a lot.. Feel like I'm right there in the Canyon. As usual it is a "winner" in by book.. I feel I've seen it before; at your house??....

Susie Galvin said...

Hey.. sorry... that would be
"palette knife" ..:)

Kathryn Grider said...

Hey THANK YOU Susie! You are one of my best critics! Mwhaaaa! Yes, you did see this painting on your last visit to my studio.