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Monday, June 6, 2011

Winter Symphony

Palette Knife on gessoed hardwood panel 13x18x1 1/2

Spring/Summer is slow to come to us this year. Strange weather indeed, so instead of waiting for the fall/winter to post this painting I decided to go ahead and post it now. A very lovely painting with lots of paint but there are some areas with very little if any paint that gives it the sparkle of sunshine glinting off the snow.

Meet my new assistants!

Bailey the pup
Jake the kitty

Bailey 6 weeks old
Jake 5 weeks old

When the work day is done the fun begins! 

Have a nice day! Thank you for stopping by.


R Yvonne Colclasure said...

Very nice. I will have to see it in person before you sell it. Your new assistants are adorable. I bet you have a smile on your face all the time now.

Michelle said...

How fun!! Adorable! We will have to come and become acquainted with your new assistants :)

Susie Galvin said...

You seem to give the impression that one is right there looking at what you've painted..I think your work is inspiring.
The "kids" are just great. You are on the busy side these days..Everyone needs assistants!!