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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pleasures of Painting on location

June 17, 2010
Painting in Spring Creek Campground,
at the base of the Ruby Mountains, Elko Nevada

I painted out the last two days with a couple of other artists. We had such a good time....I woke up this morning ready to go again! The first day was cloudy, with cold breezes and yesterday was sunny, a beatiful day. Yvonne and I parked ourselves in the perfect spot for the morning, streaming water, lucious grass, wild iris on it's last week.....Come to find out it was the cows perfect spot for their afternoon nap and after foolishy thinking we could continue and they would move on....they gently pushed their way in and us out!

LOL,  After two days, I have just 3 paintings that still have a spark of potential...somedays you have it and some you don't!
But I have loads of great reference for cow paintings.

Have a great day!

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